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Is AI Content Bad for SEO?

Published on July 5, 2024
Is AI Content Bad For SEO

You can’t escape it: AI-generated content is almost everywhere. You might wonder whether you can use AI tools to create content for your website. Is AI content bad for SEO rankings? Our marketing experts at Rival Digital explore the answer below.

What Exactly Is AI-Generated Content?

Artificial intelligence programs tackle the same tasks that a person might handle. One such task is content creation. Many businesses use AI tools to publish and produce content for their marketing channels, including their blogs, service pages, and social media profiles. They access AI-written content faster and more efficiently than content generated solely by people.

How Do Search Engines Rank Website Content?

Using AI to generate content might save tremendous resources, but you should keep search engine optimization in mind before you publish. Your search engine rankings could tank if you don’t exercise care when drafting SEO content with or without an AI tool.

What Does a Search Engine Prioritize?

First, learn how engines prioritize content on search results pages. Their algorithms seek the following characteristics:

  • Accuracy: Some AI tools do not draft accurate copy. They may pull information from outdated or inaccurate sources. Search engines may penalize you for non-factual content by placing your site lower on search engine results pages.
  • Originality: AI tools may duplicate content rather than draft original works. You must create quality content with an original brand voice if you want to rise in search rankings.
  • Quality: Sometimes, AI-generated content for SEO lacks clarity, grammatical correctness, and other hallmarks of high-quality content. At the very least, you must reread and edit the AI content to ensure it meets basic search requirements.
  • Emotions and relatability: Digital marketing is all about connecting with your target audience, the members of which are people. Creating AI content might be faster but can tank your rankings if visitors refuse to engage.
  • Authority: Your website demonstrates your industry knowledge and experience. Create content that honors your audience and builds trust by showing what you know and why they should pick your business.

Is AI content bad for SEO results? It doesn’t have to be if you implement it correctly.

Make AI Part of Your Creation Process Not the Driving Force

Don’t rely solely on AI-generated content to manipulate search rankings. These tools are neither shortcuts nor experienced writers and designers. However, they can simplify your marketing workflow by providing:

  • Keyword research: SEO tools are exceptional for publishing relevant, keyword-rich site pages.
  • Writing prompts: Writer’s block is a common phenomenon among copywriters. AI programs can provide a jumping-off point for writers who feel stumped about a particular subject.
  • Useful references: Let your AI program do the preliminary research for you.. Just make sure you double-check the sources for accuracy before using them.

AI content isn’t bad for SEO in and of itself. However, the final products require a personal touch to resonate with readers.

Climb Your Way Up in Search Rankings with a Little Help From Rival Digital

Is AI content bad for SEO performance? Not necessarily. In fact, it can boost productivity.

But don’t rely on it for everything! Book a consultation with Rival Digital to level up in your industry.

Eric is the Founder & President of Rival Digital. He has been doing HVAC digital marketing for several years and brings a wide range of knowledge to the table.

Is AI Content Bad for SEO?

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