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Episode #106

Growing Your HVAC Business Through Acquisitions

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Guest: Jordan Cordero
Company: Live Oak Bank

Live Oak bank was founded in 2008 in Wilmington, NC. They focused on supplying loans to Veterinary practices when they first got their start.

Jordan touches upon how acquisitions and working capital can help grow your business. The founder of Live Oak wanted to provide financing to the HVAC and plumbing space because he understood the need for HVAC and plumbing businesses and their vital role they play in keeping communities comfortable.

What makes Live Oak different is the fact that they give loans based on cash flow of the business and not the collateral.

Live Oak is dedicated to the doers. They say “small business is the backbone of our country. It drives jobs, creates prosperity and boosts local economies. We’re proud to contribute to that growth by investing in America’s small business owners. When you bank with Live Oak, you can be proud too.”

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