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Episode #12

Hiring The Right Staff To Grow Your HVAC Business

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Guest: Donny Dunn
Company: Dunn’s Heating & Cooling

Donny Dunn started his HVAC company in 2016 and has experienced rapid growth as of late. During the first few years of starting his business, he realized that in order for him to be able to focus on the big picture, he would need to hire the right people to take care of things such as marketing, operations, and more.

In this episode of the Smart HVAC Marketing podcast, we’ll discuss some different marketing campaigns that have worked well for building a strong brand presence in his market, and how he’s managed to grow his business exponentially by hiring the right staff.

The Smart HVAC Marketing podcast was created by Rival Digital to help residential HVAC contractors and is now streaming on all major platforms. Follow along for ways to improve your marketing and grow your business as we begin to interview industry experts.

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