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Episode #17

How HVAC Tactical is Making Waves In The HVAC Industry

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Guest: Ben Poole
Company: HVAC Tactical

Ben Poole is the founder of HVAC Tactical – which is a movement that is taking the HVAC industry by storm! But Ben is more than just a guy who sells cool hats. He is an entrepreneur, investor, podcast host, HVAC sales & business coach – just to name a few.

In 2018 he launched HVAC Tactical as a way for HVAC professionals who were passionate about their craft to wear cool gear that represented what they do for a living. But HVAC Tactical is much more than just a brand – it’s a mindset.

During our discussion, Ben said “…being tactical is a mindset! It’s seeing the end before you even begin. Calculating, planning, and plotting every step to ensure the success of the overall team, job, or goal is what HVAC Tactical is all about.”

Check out this episode of the Smart HVAC Marketing podcast to learn more about Ben’s story, and the vision for HVAC Tactical.

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