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Episode #68

How To Improve The Online Booking Experience

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Guest: Alyssa Lavik
Company: Schedule Engine

Book More Jobs With Schedule Engine

Very rarely do we get super fired up about particular topics here on the podcast, but if there is one thing that we are always excited to talk about — it’s customer experience. Lucky for us, our good friends over Schedule Engine were willing to hangout with us for a little bit to talk about their product, and how it can help HVAC contractors book more jobs.

On this episode of the Smart HVAC Marketing podcast we are joined by Alyssa Lavik from Schedule Engine. During our conversation we dig into the online booking process and how contractors can improve their entire customer experience simply by making it easier for customers to book service.

Integrated Live & Automated Services

Schedule Engine offers a suite of service to contractors to help improve the booking experience, including:

  • Online Scheduling
  • Live Voice Support
  • 24/7 Website Chat
  • Customer Insights

With these live & automated services, you are able to accomplish the same thing you would get out of a traditional CSR — but without needing a human booking the job. But have no fear, this isn’t one of those “robots taking jobs from humans” stories. There is still a very real and special relationship between humans and technology when it comes to online booking & customer experience. Tune into this episode to learn more!

The Smart HVAC Marketing podcast was created by Rival Digital to help residential HVAC contractors and is now streaming on all major platforms. Follow along for ways to improve your marketing and grow your business as we continue interviewing more industry experts.

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