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Episode #29

The Benefits Of Converting Your HVAC Business To A Franchise

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Guest: Derek Cole
Company: Simmons One Hour Heating & Air

If you’re looking for a stable way to grow your business and ensure success, buying into a franchise system could greatly benefit you. In 2009, Simmons Heating & Air converted their business from an independently owned HVAC business to a One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning franchise.

In this episode of the Smart HVAC Marketing podcast, we are joined by Derek Cole and we have a very in-depth conversation about their journey of converting their HVAC business over to a franchise, and some of the challenges that came with it.

Since switching over, they’ve seen great success in their local area. Though they had some minor setbacks at first with brand recognition, they’ve been able to leverage the power of a franchise model business to expand and dominate their market.

Derek also hosts an HVAC podcast for homeowners called The Derek Cole Podcast.

The Smart HVAC Marketing podcast was created by Rival Digital to help residential HVAC contractors and is now streaming on all major platforms. Follow along for ways to improve your marketing and grow your business as we begin to interview industry experts.

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