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Episode #135

The Value of Having Great People

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Guest: Stephanie Postell
Company: Anchor Heating and Air

n this episode we are joined by Stephanie Postell from Anchor Heating and Air.

Eric sits down with Stephanie at the Women In HVACR event. Stephanie is the co-owner of of Anchor Heating and Air, along with her husband David, in Charleston, SC.

Eric asks about what it’s like to work with your spouse. Stephanie says, “you’ve gotta stay in your lane!” Their daughter also works in the business as well!

Anchor Heating and Air is in their first year of business, and Eric asks what the biggest challenges were in their first year. Stephanie touches upon scaling too quickly, maintaining a level of service and sometimes having to say no to some jobs.

Since this interview took place at the Women in HVACR event, Eric and Stephanie also talk about women in the trades.

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