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Best Ways To Promote Your HVAC Business

Published on May 17, 2021
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4 Ways To Promote Your HVAC Business in 2022

1. Have a Great Website

An HVAC website that is organized and is easy to use will be more marketable to your potential customers. Provide an easy way to be reached, what you’re offering and your hours of operation. Loading time and relevant graphics and photos will help increase your marketability.

At Rival Digital, we offer professional HVAC website design that helps contractors grow their business.

2. Utilize Video

Customers enjoy seeing work go from start to finish. It gives them confidence in your work, and shows off your expertise. It is better to show than to tell. In a podcast recording with The Blue Collar Nerd from ServiceTitan, we covered all kinds of tips & tricks about creating video content for your company.

The video doesn’t have to be professional film quality! Just pull out your phone and press record and show the world what you are up to. If you are participating in a local golf scramble, parade, food bank, etc. just hope on Facebook live and show your followers what you are up to, give your team a spotlight in the video (this way their parents and spouse will engage with the post).

3. Compose Blogs

Providing content to your website will help with your Google rankings, which could improve your chances of compiling leads. Though many consumers on social media would rather receive their content in the form of video, there are still many folks out there who prefer to read blogs. Not to mention, if done correctly, blogging can help boost the SEO value of your website.

Best Topics To Blog About For HVAC Contractors

There are a ton of things to write about as a contractors. Though you may want to talk about the latest and greatest innovations in the HVAC industry, it’s important to remember who your audience is…. HOMEOWNERS! So write content that offers value to them!

Here are some great things to write about in your next HVAC blog article:

  • Ways to improve energy efficiency in the home
  • Baking/cooking recipes for holidays or cookouts
  • Best outdoor yard games
  • DIY tips & projects for the average homeowner
  • Seasonal home project checklists

That’s just a few, but there are endless opportunities. Find the keyword or keywords that you would like to target, then go write two to three supporting articles for each!

4. Social Media

Use social media to effectively and instantly communicate and engage with potential and existing customers. Social media allows you to spread brand awareness and build a fanbase. Many people believe that social media is an outdated form of marketing, but that is far from true.

Back in the 2014 – 2016 time frame, social media was a huge platform for B2C companies in regards to selling. It was absolutely flooded with companies offering promotions and deals. Things have changed a bit lately, and business owners need to get more creative with it in order to stand out from all the noise. At Rival Digital, we view organic social media as a branding and awareness tool, and paid social media advertising as more of a lead generation tool (if done correctly).

Good HVAC Social Media Content Ideas

There are numerous ways that contractors are utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to grow their top of mind awareness (TOMA), and honestly, some of these ideas are quite simple to do! Sure, hiring a professional digital marketing agency such as Rival Digital can help improve the overall quality & quantity of content, but there are ways you can create good, engaging content without hiring a pro.

Social media content ideas:

  • Relevant memes
  • Customer testimonials
  • Photos/video of technicians at the shop
  • Photos of the team training
  • Employee birthdays/work anniversaries
  • Before and after photos of completed jobs

All of these ideas are tried and true. And most of them don’t require a ton of effort! Just pull out your phone, snap a few pictures and share to Facebook. I promise you, people will engage with this stuff way more than pushy sales post.

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Looking For A Marketing Partner You Can Count On?

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to marketing agencies. However, many of them are very generalized in the sense that they will serve and industry and any vertical. When you partner with an agency that doesn’t specialize in what you specialize in, you’re marketing will only be as good as the agency’s researching abilities. Instead, consider partnering with a partner that spends every moment of every day engrained into the ins and outs of the HVAC industry.

At Rival Digital, we exclusively work with HVAC companies. This presents a unique advantage to our partners & clients, because you’re getting a team that is dedicated to mastering the art of marketing the trade. For more information, contact us today and let’s see if partnering up would make sense.

Best Ways To Promote Your HVAC Business

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