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Website Design for Home Service Companies

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Website Design & Development for Home Service Companies

As a home service company, your primary concerns include helping nearby property owners with services such as air conditioner installations, ductwork repairs, and furnace replacements, to name a few. In the process, you build your company’s image and ratings by performing optimal services with your business’s unique selling points. However, does your home service website design ideally reflect who you are and what you offer?

Your digital storefront is the online face of your company, and for most potential customers, it’s the first impression they receive of you. If they find it difficult to navigate the home or service pages or acquire the information they’re looking for, they’ll instantly turn to your competitors with two clicks.

We’ve been in the business long enough to know that 57% of online users don’t do business with or recommend services from a company with a poorly designed company website. At Rival Digital, our full-service marketing agency empowers your business through transparent reporting and constant communication. Trust us to bring that large percentage of picky users back to your qualified technicians with our website design tips.

Mobile Friendliness With Design Fluidity

Home service web designers create and upload website layouts on a desktop or laptop for ease of use. Similarly, about 80% of all Google searches originate from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets out of convenience, especially when individuals are on the go.

Unfortunately, layouts remain constant across all platforms, meaning you’ll have tiny texts in widely-formatted paragraphs that a user would have to zoom in and scroll around on just to read on their phones. Readers may lose their place, become annoyed, and exit your page to look for something more accessible. That’s why it’s imperative you alter your design for mobile friendliness. Our team recalibrates the size and formatting of websites for these smaller devices so the tiniest buttons and texts fill these new screen dimensions.

Website Organization & Structure

Like mobile unfriendliness, unorganized home service website design makes it harder for viewers to scan your information, creating a tiresome and frustrating experience. An organized website, however, allows viewers to uncover what they need without spending too much time searching one or more of your pages and getting lost down a rabbit hole of confusing or unnecessary information.

Adding a navigation bar is the most straightforward way to outline your website and all it offers. Placing it in a dropdown format within the website header will make it available on all your website pages so that readers don’t have to keep hitting the back button to restart their search.

Some of the dropdown boxes should include the following:

  • “About Us,” so potential customers can better get to know you and your company’s credentials
  • “Our Services” to outline what your company offers
  • “Contact Us” for a direct link to fill out a form or obtain a number or address to reach you at

Now that you know how to lead website visitors to the appropriate pages according to what they’re looking for, what will they find once they’re there? Before they start unpacking the page’s information, visitors scan the page to assess readability. If large block texts with more than five lines per paragraph fill the page, the compact look discourages viewers from reading it, especially since it’ll be harder to skim.

Instead, organize the page by breaking the content into smaller paragraphs, contributing to breathable white space. Consistent spacing creates a flow that will lead your readers through the piece. Also, add photos or videos that are aesthetically pleasing (but don’t overlap them), and incorporate bullet points, subcategories, and lists to keep information clear and concise.

Example image of a website structure

Example of the planning that should go into structuring your website content based on your goals & strategy.

Design Consistency

Organization isn’t only about navigation and balancing text and white space; it includes creating a consistent tone throughout all website pages to give your company a professional feel and overall distinct appearance. The first thing you should start with when implementing a new home service website design is a unique color scheme.

Have you ever noticed how iconic the Home Depot orange or Tiffany & Co. blue is? Whether or not you’re a regular customer at these establishments, you easily identify these stores by their hues. If you want your company to stand out in the same manner, use colors, designs, and a creative logo that reflects what you offer so customers won’t confuse you with the dozens of other home service companies nearby.

Your fonts, formats, and navigation bars, as well as your headers, footers, and sidebars, should also remain consistent on all service pages. By pulling your online presence together with a similar tone, the harmonious appeal creates a more positive experience, which is vital, especially since about 38% of individuals won’t stick around on an unappealing website.

Looking for some examples of websites we’ve recently designed and developed? Check out our portfolio. If you’re ready to get started, fill out the short form on this page.

Adding Multimedia

Photos and videos are more than a means to break up written content and give the reader’s eyes a rest. Each picture complements what you’re trying to say by adding additional context without extending your word count. It also aids the 65% of the Earth’s population that learns best through intriguing visuals rather than complex jargon.

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Consider adding charts to compare numbers or products. Also, since a picture is worth a thousand words, complementary videos are worth a million. Produce short videos to either sum up your article or add further information to help readers better understand the topic.

There’s also a good chance that those looking for services aren’t interested in doing much reading, so infographics and other visuals help them break down the content and find what they need faster, reducing bounce rates that come with intimidating long paragraphs.

Image of a review from a Rival Digital client.

Image of the Anchor Heating and Air team standing infront of their new service vans.

Website Speed

Home servicee website designs are about more than what’s on the page. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, viewers take between 10 and 20 seconds to determine whether they’re interested in your company. However, the average attention span of an individual is about 8.25 seconds, and if it takes anywhere near that long for your page to load, you won’t even get to make that average 15-second first impression.

Slow loading speeds are one of the leading causes of low traffic and conversion rates. The Google algorithm also ranks slower websites lower on search engine results pages (SERPs), forcing your website further down the first results page or even onto the second or third, where viewers rarely go.

Ensure viewers see your website and can navigate it promptly by allowing us to reduce loading times by:

  • Moving your website to a faster web host
  • Optimizing image sizes
  • Reducing plugins
  • Limiting web fonts
  • And much more!

Website Security

Potential customers also want their information to remain private on websites when they purchase products or schedule services. Without the appropriate website security, cyber-thieves and hackers steal data from both your company and customers and introduce you to malware and viruses.

The best way to prevent this is to install Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which creates an encrypted link as a standard security measure. You should also install anti-malware software and other levels of protection and always back up your website in case of a crash or other issues.

Rather than play the guessing game, wondering which programs are best for protecting your company’s online image, trust us to uncover and install what’s guaranteed to work with your home service website design.

SEO Friendliness

Even if your website offers everything your customers need to make an informed decision, they’ll never see your company or its services if you don’t rank high on Google SERPs. To do so, your pages must follow the rules set by the Google Algorithm to perform well on searches.

Some home service website design factors that’ll elevate your ranking include:

  • Keyword research and implementation
  • Link building with external resources
  • Backlinking to your company’s web pages
  • Relevant content creation
  • Page speed optimization
  • Site organization

Our team produces website content with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics in mind, but because the Google Algorithm is ever-evolving with constant updates, you’ll need professional marketing agents to stay on top of and enact these changes, keeping your content relevant. We’re one of the few agencies to remain hands-on long after the initial website creation, so trust that we’ll provide you with long-term success.

Optimizing Conversion Rates

Your conversion rate is the percentage of website viewers who turn into buyers or participate in another desired action. Without the appropriate home service web design or incentive for your potential customers to make the next move, this rate remains low, which causes your click-through rate and business’s success to wobble.

On the home webpage, adding a sign-up button, CTAs with an incentive (like a free service or discount), or implementing a chatbox for questions creates a more interactive environment for customers. Uncovering blog posts or website pages that receive the most views is also key. Either internally link from this high-traffic page or mimic this format and tone on other pages for a similar response.

Once you get a high conversion rate, you’ll want to keep it high by constantly incorporating the factors above. Regularly testing your conversion rates and comparing them to previous results helps you determine whether it’s higher or lower than usual so you can take additional steps if necessary.

At Rival Digital, we help you not only achieve but maintain a healthy conversion rate by evaluating performance and altering your website accordingly until we see better results from your home service website design.

Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Nothing shows your website’s success like praises from previous customers for your products and services. With dozens of competitors on the market, potential customers want to know what makes you unique and why they should consider you for their home service repairs, replacements, and maintenance assistance.

You could tell them about your licensed and certified team that’s prompt and respectful, but with most companies like yours claiming the same things, it carries more weight coming from unbiased individuals who have had experience working with your company. Therefore, provide a section of your website, either at the bottom of your homepage or under a separate tab, where existing customers can give you five-star ratings. They can also explain the service and processes you provided during your technician’s visit, so others know what to expect.

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Appropriate Tools and Software

Most importantly, for the best home service web design, the appropriate software and tools are necessary to help you achieve the above goals, with most of them either targeting CRM or POS.

CRM (customer relationship management) enhances how you converse with your customers. For instance, Podium is popular among website designers since it uses everything from web chats and review sections to text marketing to convert customers. POS (point of sale) systems allow your website to accept transactions during sales and keep track of types of payments and the payments themselves.

While some are free, including Bindo POS, they support limited payment options like credit cards alone. Others have a monthly charge or a one-time purchase but allow numerous payment options like Apple Pay and EMV chip cards for more flexibility, making transactions more convenient during the payment process.

Instead of telling you what’s best for your company here, we’ll listen to your preferences and won’t force you to change CRM or POS software just to drum up business. We’ll work with your budget to provide the best home service website design results possible.

Become the Top Rival for Your Competitors!

Leave it to the specialists at Rival Digital for award-winning designs that guarantee increased revenue. For years, our full-service team has offered world-class marketing that stems from intricate knowledge of the Google Algorithm and the right tools and strategies. We’ve worked beside some of the largest home service companies, but our goal includes ensuring you’re one of them. Meet the team and get started today by contacting our five-star marketing agency in Chesapeake, VA. Call Rival Digital at (800) 674-9823 to book your home service website design strategy session now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does It Take To Build A Website?

The typical turnaround time for a fully designed and developed website can range between 8 to 12 weeks. This is largely dependent on things such as design and content approvals, current capacity within the agency, and more. At Rival Digital, we average a ten (10) week turnaround. This allows enough time for us to properly plan, structure, design, develop, and deploy your new website.

What Is A Website Quality Audit?

At Rival Digital, we require our clients to have a website quality audit conducted prior to any work or strategy being executed. The reason for this is because we like to know exactly where your website is lacking, and how we can best execute our plan to ensure the best result. Our audits will identify strengths and weaknesses in your content, website structure, and more. This will allow us to be more efficient when building your new website.

What Does It Mean To “Own” Your Website?

A common misconception among contractors is that they own their website, when in reality, they only own their domain name. Unfortunately, there are some agencies out there that simply “lease” you a website–meaning that you don’t actually own the content, design, or intellectual property. At Rival Digital, you will 100% own the website we make for you. This means that if we were ever to part ways, you will get to take the website with you.

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