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How To Get More Reviews for My HVAC Business

Published on March 21, 2022

Why Are Reviews Important for Your HVAC Business?

When it comes to modern-day business practices, it’s no secret that online reviews are the best way to represent your reputation to potential customers. The statistics of potential customers who read online reviews before making a purchase or calling a business for service is upwards of 90%. That’s a lot.

The other VERY IMPORTANT reason to have good reviews, and many of them, is you’ll stand out against your competition, and Google will rank your business in the Google Map Pack.

Restaurants and other businesses with locations that customers visit in-person, Google may send a notification to the customer’s phone based on their location, asking them “How was Eric’s Pizza Parlor?” with a request for a star-rating, a few words, and hopefully a picture or two of that delicious crust and cheesy goodness.

Now, that’s great and all for Eric’s Pizza Parlor, but what about Harry’s Heating and Cooling? Harry has a real address, but he visits his customers instead. So how does Harry get reviews?

Well, Harry could buy a few stickers, maybe slap one on his van or truck that says “Review us on Google” – but can you guess how many people will review from that sticker alone? Harry would be lucky for a whopping 1% of his customers to review him and his excellent, 5-star service from that sticker with no other effort.

You’re probably reading this because you, much like Harry, need reviews for your heating and cooling business, but want to explore more ways to achieve that.

Getting Reviews

1. Ask Your Customer On The Job

This is a proven and valuable method to get yourself more reviews. It’s especially effective after you render your services. One of our clients touts their method by starting the service call with “By the time we leave, you’ll want to give us a 5-star review” which not only ensures the personal desire to deliver the best service, but setting in the customer’s mind ahead of time what they’re going to do when the service call is finished.

If your customer is dissatisfied and won’t leave a review, you or your technician are already on site and can work to resolve the issue before leaving.

2. Follow Up Call/Text

Within 2 weeks of the service call, it’s good to check in with your customer any way. However, this is prime time to get any feedback directly and instruct your customer to review you online if they haven’t already. Much like asking the customer on the job, you’re engaging in a personal conversation and have the opportunity to resolve any issues before they become public knowledge in an online review OR even in the private circle of your customer’s friends.

3. Send With Receipt

On your invoices and receipts, you can add a link to review your business on Google, Facebook, and other platforms. This is a great no-touch, low-barrier way to ask for a review, and a good reminder if they didn’t review your business during the service call.

What Else?

Now, once you have reviews coming in, congrats, you’re an HVAC Review Soliciting All-star. However, sometimes, those reviews aren’t the kindest no matter how much you talked to the customer and made sure they were happy before you left their home or business. Make sure you respond to all reviews with the steps we put in this guide on improving your Google Business profile.

Automate Your Review Solicitation

We understand that responding to reviews and setting up automation (properly, too!) can be like working another job. And if you are a busy owner/operator, sometimes it’s the last thing you think of. At Rival Digital, our HVAC websites come with a chat system and the ability to request reviews from your customers post-service. This automation, combined with manual efforts in #1 and #2 will assure your customers have several chances to spread the word about how great you are at delivering comfort to homes in their area. And the best part, we manage all of it so you can focus on delivering that 5-star service everyone online is talking about!

One call and you’ll know if we are a fit or not. If you are interested in learning more about our service offerings, contact us today! We would love to learn more about your business and see if it a strategic marketing partnership would make sense.

Eric is the Founder & President of Rival Digital. He has been doing HVAC digital marketing for several years and brings a wide range of knowledge to the table.

How To Get More Reviews for My HVAC Business

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