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Why Should I Start A Podcast?

Published on June 29, 2023
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Running an HVAC company involves more than purchasing state-of-the-art tools and obtaining the best training and certificates for each technician. While these factors guarantee exceptional customer satisfaction and quality services, they won’t mean much if customers don’t call on you for assistance. You probably have your social media page up to par, but should you start a podcast?

Your company is only accessible if it remains relevant. That means going where customers go. Below, you’ll read about how podcasts help you do so and what it takes to get started successfully.

What Is A Podcast?

Although sometimes available in video format, podcasts are usually audio files for your listening pleasure. They’re informative and entertaining, whether discussing educational and medical breakthroughs or applying storytelling aspects and comedy. Creators spread podcasts into series like television shows, regularly releasing episodes with interviews, music, and more.

You can listen to podcasts across many platforms, from iTunes, Pocket Casts, and Spotify to the podcast creator’s website. If you download these files to your phone, computer, or tablet, you can listen to them anywhere on demand, even when not connected to the internet. You can also access your favorite sports, travel, or pop culture shows using Alexa or your Google Assistant.

How Can A Podcast Benefit Your HVAC Company?

For decades before the rise of the digital era, business owners only had billboards, fliers, and word of mouth, drawing attention to their services. However, online ad campaigns, social media presence, and blog posts have recently become leading factors in increasing website traffic, helping company owners build brand awareness in a 21st-century manner. But none are as recent as podcasts.

If you decide to begin a podcast, it is important to stand out in your field. Ways to differentiate yourself from competitors is by engaging your audience with expertise that sets you apart, making you a thought leader and allowing viewers to trust your services.

Also, better acquaint listeners with your team and brand through interviews and stories that connect on a personal level. Other reasons to start a podcast include the following:

  • Cost effectiveness: While you may have to pay a lot for pay-per-click ads on Instagram and other social media platforms or sponsor a YouTuber or other influencer to discuss your services, HVAC podcasts do not cost much and require little assistance. You just need a quiet room, some minor equipment, and plenty to discuss.
  • More revenue: This economical marketing choice is also profitable once you establish yourself as an expert with many views and followers. Others in related fields, such as HVAC manufacturing companies, will sponsor your blog if you talk about their products to your vast audience and may pay to interview you. You can also solicit ads and premium content.
  • Lead generation: Once you draw your audience in, direct them where to go afterward with a call to action that sends them to your company website or allows them to join your emailing list. You can also provide special offers to this group if they convert from listeners to buyers, like discount codes and free trials or consultations. Also, add links to blogs and other pages.

What Should You Know Before Delving Into Your First Episode?

Your first episode sets the stage for your series, so before you begin recording, consider what topics you want to cover and what you want to save for a later series. For instance, if your podcast series is called “Everything No One Is Telling You About Cooling Units,” you can spend an episode talking about the best cooling units for buyers on a budget. Save heating system types for the next series.

Draft a transcript for the pilot episode and outline all episode subjects in advance. You should also know your target audience, which includes determining the age groups and locations you want to reach to conform to their language and personalities.

What Tools Are Necessary To Make Your Podcast Possible?

To start a podcast, you’ll also need the appropriate equipment. To begin, many assume a soundproof studio for recording is in order, but you can transform any household room into your set as long as you have a microphone and a computer with your chosen recording software installed. The software you utilize depends on numerous factors, such as budget and expertise. At Rival Digital, we utilize PodBean.

What Is The Podcast Process?

Once you prepare for your podcast, introduce your sound and image with unique theme music, host preferences, and logos to stand out. After recording, editing, and uploading content, get the word out about your podcast with hashtags and other advertisements on your mailing list and social media pages. You should also utilize feedback from your listeners to improve the show.

What Are Some Things To Discuss On Your Podcast?

When you start an HVAC podcast, considering topics beforehand provides a linear and non repetitive thought process throughout your episodes. Some topics to consider discussing include:

  • HVAC trends, including new technology or methodology
  • DIY tips for optimal unit efficiency, like changing filters and thermostat batteries
  • Interviews with manufacturing company and other industry experts
  • Common HVAC issues and how your company would solve it
  • Interesting and relatable customer stories

Let Our Team Handle Your Podcasts!

Rival Digital’s founder and president, Eric Thomas, hosts his successful “The Smart HVAC Marketing Podcast” every Wednesday. Through this podcast, he’s learned what podcasts entail and how to break the mold, from creating free Facebook groups to discussing untouched topics. If you need the same originality to start a podcast, trust our expert team to get you there when you call (800) 674-9823!

Eric is the Founder & President of Rival Digital. He has been doing HVAC digital marketing for several years and brings a wide range of knowledge to the table.

Why Should I Start A Podcast?

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