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Rudy Thomas

A Very Good Boy

Rudy can often be found barking at squirrels in the background while the Rival team is on a Zoom call. Though he sleeps on the job everyday, don’t be fooled – he is a very good boy.

Rudy was discovered on a borderline sketchy website by Eric Thomas and his wife. We’ll skip those details and avoid providing them a backlink, because we aren’t sure if the website still exists or not.

Either way, Rudy loves getting his paws in the sand at the Virginia Beach oceanfront. He’s quite the character, constantly ripping the stuffing out of every toy that he gets, barking at virtually every sound he hears, and being held like an infant.

Seriously folks, if you ever get the chance to adopt or buy a Goldendoodle – do it. These dogs will fill your life with constant entertainment.

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