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Does Video Help With SEO?

Published on May 22, 2023
Creating videos
Incorporating video into your marketing efforts can boost engagement, conversions, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. In this article, we share some ways video can also improve your SEO.

You know your business provides a great product and service, but how can you make sure others find that out for themselves? Search engine optimization is the main marketing tool to focus on when it comes to gaining digital traction and having new customers discover your company. Many different factors contribute to SEO rankings, but video content is an effective way to hit all the necessary metrics.

This guide uncovers the ways video content directly impacts your SEO ranking. Consider the benefits of this smart marketing strategy and how you can utilize it to grow your HVAC business.

Video Content Retains Your Website’s Audience

Think of how long you’re likely to stay on a cluttered and unorganized website. Most people leave the page within a few seconds since they can always find fast, alternative options on Google. Search algorithms take note of this metric and boost sites where people stay on the pages longer.

Video content is the best way to retain your audience for a few reasons. First, users are more likely to consume a piece of video than read lengthy blog posts or pages that contain the same information. Once they press play, a well-made video can keep their attention and drive users to book your service or learn more about you.

If your bounce rate is less-than-ideal, embedding your site with informational videos can turn it around. The result is a higher search ranking and an influx of potential customers.

Website Traffic Improves With Videos

There is a reason you’re likely to look up a company after seeing a memorable advertisement on TV. Video ads and content effectively drive authentic website traffic. In fact, research states that 84% of consumers buy a product or service after watching a video from that brand.

When you create a good video:

  • The user watches your high-quality video content
  • They go to your site to learn more about the brand or service
  • The more traffic your video brings, the higher you will rank in similar searches
  • More customers discover you through organic search as a result

Don’t miss out on the chance to grow your traffic and engagement numbers. Focus on producing HVAC videos to improve your SEO rank.

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Videos Help You Earn Quality Backlinks

A crucial part of improving search rankings involves the number of sites that link to your page. High-quality, informative videos are more likely to appear as links on other pages, especially if they have evergreen content with a long shelf life. This can be very helpful when focusing on improving HVAC SEO rankings.

Let’s consider the topic of air conditioning repairs. A common search query many may have is, “Do I need air conditioning repairs?” Your business can produce a video that broadly answers this question and open yourself up to a much wider audience thanks to backlink building.

Using this example of air conditioning repairs, backlinks can come from other HVAC resources or perhaps home improvement blogs that focus on common household repairs. With one piece of video content, you open your business up to a larger audience and therefore climb up the search rankings.

Video and Visual Content Pleases Google’s Algorithm

Google scours millions of pages and uses a specific SEO algorithm to show its users the content it deems most valuable. Say your site has loads of helpful written content about your HVAC services and blog posts detailing common heating and cooling problems. Your text may be the highest quality, but your page suffers in the rankings because it lacks other visuals.

It’s important to fill your website with different types of digital media to please Google’s algorithm. A carefully crafted mixture of written content, images, and videos signals to Google that your site is informative and reputable. Adding a video to your service pages is a simple way to improve your overall ranking.

Video Works Well On Social Media Platforms

HVAC videos prove valuable to your website itself and the way it performs in search rankings. But why let your organic traffic stop there? You can share your video content to a variety of social media sites where short-form videos dominate and influence consumers. Think of the various users and demographics that engage with the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

Your business can reach a wide audience and effectively bring customers to your site by strategically sharing videos on social media. Of course, you should consider the type of content that best fits each platform. For example, short-form videos are ideal for sharing on TikTok and Instagram, while posting longer videos to YouTube will appeal to a certain audience.

93% of brands report gaining customers from social media videos. With approximately 3.4 billion social media users globally, why not take advantage of the platform and share your videos? Product videos and explainers, in particular, introduce audiences to your service, build their trust, and lead to conversions.

Should You Produce HVAC Videos For Better SEO?

Considering all the advantages it brings, your company should absolutely use video marketing to improve your search engine optimization. One high-quality piece of content can open the door for your business, and you’ll continue to flourish in the online rankings as you produce more helpful videos that engage users. Between an increase in traffic, backlinks, and social shares, video content is more than worthwhile.

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Growing your local HVAC business now relies mostly on digital marketing and search engine optimization. Let the Rival Digital team take on this tough task with ease! We understand the complexities of online search algorithms and how publishing HVAC videos makes an impact on marketing campaigns.

Put your business in good hands by reaching out to our team today. We’re happy to discuss your needs and make a plan for your SEO strategy. Complete our online request form to learn more and get started on generating more revenue, employing more people, and serving more customers!

Eric is the Founder & President of Rival Digital. He has been doing HVAC digital marketing for several years and brings a wide range of knowledge to the table.

Does Video Help With SEO?

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