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How To Rank My HVAC Website

Published on May 10, 2023
Google search bar displaying how to rank my hvac website
Ranking a website on Google has changed throughout the years. In this article, we share some of the best ways to achieve higher rankings in the SERPs.

As one of the many HVAC companies in the area, you probably understand the competition for customers is fierce. One of the few ways to make your business stand out is with unique selling points and a high Google ranking. To achieve this, you need a marketing company like Rival Digital to ensure you capture your target audience’s attention before anyone else has the chance.

Trust Us To Raise Your HVAC Website Ranking

Our full-service agency has years of experience helping top companies generate more revenue by allowing them to reach out to more residents and commercial property owners than before. Between our quality services, award-winning designs for all website pages, and regular analysis and reporting of their success, we’re here to help.

What Are SERPs & Why Should You Rank High On Them?

When your potential customers are looking for an HVAC company to assist with a unit repair, replacement, or maintenance check, they turn to Google to find a qualified technician. The highest-ranked companies are what pops up on the first of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Since searchers rarely pass the first SERP, they probably won’t find your company if you’re on the second page or further down.

Ranking higher provides more visibility and a higher chance of generating quality leads that end in scheduled services. However, ranking higher isn’t easy without an experienced team specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) tools that’ll get you there without lifting a finger. Below are five steps to take to appease the Google algorithm.

  • Produce Individual Service & City Pages
  • Encourage Mobile Friendliness
  • Implement A Clean & Inviting Page Layout
  • Use National & Local Target Keywords
  • Make The Next Step Easy

Produce Individual Service & City Pages

Every online business has a home page, location page, and about us page, which are top-level pages that greet new and returning customers. These pages introduce the company and provide a general overview of available services. To give your potential customers more insight into them, secondary service pages like “central heating” and “central cooling” are valuable.

These pages, alongside third-level service pages that break down second pages further, also allow Google to easily index your pages if it notices an easy-to-follow flow throughout your website. Some third-level pages to consider to enhance your online presence include “mini-split AC installations,” “heat pump maintenance,” and “ductwork upkeep,” to name a few.

City pages can benefit your HVAC website since those looking for assistance “near me” can uncover your business around their neighborhood. They also give your company a personalized touch and something in common with potential customers, especially if you talk about the area, including weather, local attractions, and other unique points.

Encourage Mobile Friendliness

Those looking for services are more likely to pull out their phones than their laptops for searches, especially when on the go. However, because companies design their websites on desktops, the layout becomes less fitting for mobile devices. The words shrink, and readers must zoom in and scroll left and right, losing their place and becoming irritated.

According to Forbes Advisor, almost 60% of all web traffic occurs via mobile phones, and about 74% of online users refuse to return to a website that isn’t mobile-friendly, making this one of the leading contributing factors to a higher bounce rate. Improve conversion rates and SERP rankings with fitting formats across all devices for ease of use.

Implement A Clean & Inviting Page Layout

Speaking of formatting, a clean and concise page with accurate information holds interest longer than a page with jumbled information in block paragraphs. That’s because readers are looking for the information they need, and if they can’t find it within a few seconds, they’ll lose interest, hit the back button, and find your competitors.

Instead, ensure your paragraphs are four to five lines long with plenty of white space for breathability. Indeed, creating an inviting HVAC website page is also about aesthetics, meaning you should:

  • Add relevant photos that depict what you’re discussing. Consider taking personal photos of your company and technicians rather than generic, overused stock photos.
  • Create videos that show what your article discusses since many find it easier to learn from visuals.
  • Implement a unique color scheme to define your company and use it uniformly across all pages for extra appeal.

Use National & Local Target Keywords

National keywords are general words and phrases that allow you to rival companies nationwide to appeal to a broader target audience. “Heating repair,” “air conditioners,” and “air duct sealing” are some examples you should use throughout your site, especially on top-level general pages. Uncovering appropriate keywords improves SERP rankings and lets you pinpoint more concentrated local keywords.

Local keywords are like national keywords, but are slightly longer and more specific to your location to appeal to a certain demographic. For instance, the key phrase “humidifier installations in Chesapeake, VA” is ideal for second- or third-level service pages about humidifiers. Since individuals search by keywords, stay relevant with the appropriate ones by researching these terms and their rankings.

Make The Next Step Easy

If your on-page HVAC SEO has led potential customers to your website, and they plan on taking the next step by contacting you for services, ensure they have an easy time doing so. According to Forbes Advisor, about 61% of all viewers leave the page if they don’t find what they’re looking for within five seconds. Ensure your calls to action (CTAs) are visible throughout the page.

CTAs can say anything, from “call for a free estimate” to “reach out to schedule services.” By clicking on this button and following the process, your conversion rates increase, but you also keep your contact information visible at the tops and bottoms of every page for effortless communication.

Become Unrivaled!

Improving SEO is about more than creating good practices and using top tools to enhance your Google ranking. It’s about keeping an eye on the success of these strategies and tweaking them when necessary, making it a full-time job. At Rival Digital, our skilled and experienced team will help improve your HVAC website while keeping you in the loop when you call (800) 674-9823 today!

Eric is the Founder & President of Rival Digital. He has been doing HVAC digital marketing for several years and brings a wide range of knowledge to the table.

How To Rank My HVAC Website

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