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How Do HVAC Companies Increase Sales?

Published on December 8, 2021
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It’s a question as old as time. How do HVAC companies increase sales? Well, in this post, I’m going to share some practical ways to increase sales without being “that guy” who tells everyone that their system is doomed.

There are tried and true ways that you can boost sales and ensure long-term growth for your business. And guess what? They don’t all involve increasing ad spend with an HVAC marketing agency. Though, we will cover some effective marketing options as well. First, let’s dive into some of the internal processes you can create to boost sales.

Internal Processes To Increase HVAC Sales

No matter how much marketing and advertising you do – even if you have the catchiest tagline and on-point branding, people aren’t just going to call you and say “hey I want to give you $8,000!” So you’ve got to have options for them to make your service offering more appealing.

Offer Financing For System Replacements

Many of the top HVAC companies offer financing, and it really isn’t as hard to set up as you may think! Not everyone (as a matter of fact, hardly anyone) has $6,000 – $15,000 just laying around to pay for a new HVAC system. So by offering financing options, you can get them on the right product without stressing them out financially.

If you are a dealer for a particular HVAC manufacturer, you may even be able to set up financing through them with your co-op program. However, there are plenty of banks out there that offer financing for home services projects, such as:

  • Wells Fargo
  • Synchrony
  • yGrene
  • and more!

Many of these banks offer anywhere from 12 to 60 months financing at 0% – depending on credit approval rate and down payment.

Have Monthly And Quarterly Specials & Promotions

You need to be offering specials and promotions, to give prospective customers a little extra “nudge” to do business with you. We all know that it isn’t going to hurt your bottom line to offer money or a percentage off… and even if it did, the amount of new business that you get from them will make up for it. Here are a few specials I’ve seen work in the past for Rival Digital clients:

  • Up To $1,000 Trade-In Allowance
  • $59 – $119 Spring AC Tune-Up
  • $99 Whole Home Plumbing Inspection
  • 10% Off Military Discount

There is so much you can do with this, and guess what? It makes great content for social media and your website. And best of all, it gets your foot in the door of more homes!

Increase Your Marketing Efforts

Obviously, as a business owner, you understand that if you want to grow your business then you need to invest in some marketing. There are a ton of ways to get more leads for your HVAC business, but here are a few of the tactics I’ve seen work especially well.


Google Ads, especially service and repair ads, do really well for getting new customers. Let’s face it folks, users are very rarely going to get on Google and search for HVAC replacement. They want their system fixed when it isn’t working. However, we also know that sometimes systems older than 10 years are going to be harder to repair than others.

So this is where I mentioned earlier that it gets your foot in the door to do these ads. When the AC is out and the homeowners are hot – they are going to want to be quick with repair options. So by running Google Ads – such as Google Search Ads or Google Local Services Ads, you can be right at the top after they search.


It’s 2021, you need a website that works on all devices, loads fast, and is secure (with an SSL certificate). If your website doesn’t meet any of these requirements, users are going to leave before they even get a chance to see what you’ve got to offer. Even worse, if you’re running ads, you’ll be wasting money.

Once the website loads, the user experience and layout of the information and contents is equally important. It’s ideal to have an easy way for customers to contact you, without having to dig and dig for the correct page. So, here are the most important elements of a good HVAC website landing page:

  • No Social Media Icons In The Header
  • Clear Content Structure
  • Information That Answers Their Questions
  • Easy Way To Contact You (form, call now, on-site chat widget)
  • Consistent Branding With Trucks, Uniforms, etc.

If this is something that you thin you could benefit from, or need help with – lucky for you, we specialize in HVAC website design. Head over to our website design service page and learn more about our comprehensive service. We are a Google partner, and integrate with all of the tools and software that you use.

Train Your Technicians To Present Options

While a service technician’s first and foremost priority should be repairing HVAC systems and being technically savvy, there comes a time when they’ll need to eventually be able to look at the customer and discuss replacement options.

By doing this, you’ll be able to save money on overhead costs by not having to hire “a comfort specialist” to come back to the home after the technician to pitch replacement.

I’ve already shared 3 ways to hire better HVAC technicians, but once you get them on board, it’s time to train them! Sure, they don’t need to be expert sales professionals, but it won’t hurt to teach them some basics of selling – or at the very least, get them comfortable with talking with the customer.

What Else Would You Add?

What are some ways that you’ve been able to increase sales for your HVAC business? Let us know by filling out a contact form or sending an email!

Until next time, y’all keep doing good, ethical work for homeowners. At the end of the day, your work is your best business card.

Eric is the Founder & President of Rival Digital. He has been doing HVAC digital marketing for several years and brings a wide range of knowledge to the table.

How Do HVAC Companies Increase Sales?

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