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Rival Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency for HVAC contractors. That’s all we do – HVAC digital marketing. In short, that’s all you really need to know about us. However, if you want to learn more, keep scrolling and read the whole story!

Who We Are

In the midst of one of the most chaotic and uncertain years in the 21st century, a team of digital marketing and website design experts came together to create a hyper-focused agency. 

Rival Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency for HVAC contractors. We help you elevate your online presence and grow your business through cutting-edge, custom digital marketing strategies. 

Our team has experience working alongside some of the largest HVAC and home services businesses in the United States, and are equipped with the knowledge and tools to help you crush your competition. 

What We Do

We offer end to end coverage of your digital marketing needs. That means that if you need it, we can do it. Here is a breakdown of our HVAC digital marketing services

  • Website Design: we design, develop, deploy, manage, and maintain mobile friendly, lead generating HVAC websites. Every website we create is secure, fast, and follows best practices for ADA compliance. 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): we can help you get your website ranking on the first page of search engines such as Google and Bing. SEO is a huge part of digital marketing for HVAC companies, and we know how to do it right. 

  • Online Advertising: one of the most effective and proven ways to generate leads and grow your business is through online advertising. We can help you create a kick ass campaign that turns users into leads, and leads into paying customers. 

Our Core Values

We believe strongly in the following Core Values which reflect in all of our interactions with clients, employees, and the community.

  • Transparency:

    Being honest and operating in a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed are the bedrock for building trust with team members and clients.

  • Quality:

    We are some of the best at what we do. We provide the highest quality offering practicable. We will always produce at a superior level. Mediocre performance is unacceptable. Every team member is expected to highlight and address low quality work.

  • Urgency:

    Being on time is not enough. We must have a sense of urgency and complete our work as quickly as possible. We are growing fast and there’s no opportunity for downtime. The faster we are, the more we will accomplish in the same amount of time.

  • Winning:

    We are a winning organization. We win on a daily basis through our actions and attitudes. We win attention, mindshare, and business in the marketplace. We position our clients to win through our high-quality, attention-grabbing digital marketing. We are in this to win it.

  • Passion:

    We are passionate about the work we do and how we do it. That passion can clearly be seen in the way we continuously learn more about our craft, in how we constantly strive to improve ourselves as individuals and as an organization, and in how we carry ourselves professionally in all situations.

Our Process

Step 1
Discovery Call

Short 15 minute phone call to explore the potential for a fit. 

Step 2
Digital Marketing Review

Exploration and identification of strengths and weaknesses in the current digital marketing state.

Step 3

Collaborative development of digital marketing solutions.

Step 4
Kickoff Meeting

Collaboration with the team to begin a documented marketing strategy & execution plan.

Step 5
Digital Marketing Strategy

Review and approve the written digital marketing strategy that will be used to execute the engagement.

Step 6
Battle Begins

Once we’ve nailed down a tailor-made strategy, we’ll begin executing this plan on time and on budget.

That’s Just The Start!

With some digital marketing agencies, after they collect your money and have you sign the dotted line, you never hear from them again. Or perhaps you receive a lot of communication at first, but then it dies off. That isn’t the case with Rival Digital. 

Before we even begin doing any work for you, we will establish a communication cadence. The frequency of communication will be completed determined by you. You can choose between monthly or bi-weekly reporting, and between weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly check-in calls. 

After we complete our check-in, we run it back to the top and begin crushing our new goals. This flywheel process is how we help our clients see groundbreaking results. 

Why Choose Rival Digital?

  • 01. Constant Communication

    When you work with us, you will always be in the know of what’s going on. At the very least, we conduct weekly check in calls, monthly reports, and quarterly business reviews.

  • 02. No Extra Fees

    We won’t nickel and dime you for website changes or edits. Our services are all-inclusive, meaning you get unlimited changes, and unlimited access to our team without the extra fees.

  • 03. You Own Everything

    It’s your business, you should own your intellectual property and marketing assets. When you partner with Rival Digital you will own everything that we produce for you.

Client Testimonials

“You guys are hands down the best. Thank you for all your help with our HVAC business. We’re already seeing growth in just the couple months we’ve been working together!!! Thank you!”

Ben Young, CEO of Hybrid Air

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