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Episode #156

A New Way To Train

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Guest: Dan
Company: Interplay Learning

On this episode, we are joined by Dan Clapper and Ken Midgett from Interplay Learning.

Dan Clapper serves as the Commercial HVAC and Facilities Maintenance Market Director for Interplay Learning. Dan brings 25 years of experience to Interplay in a variety of roles across the HVAC market.  Dan has developed a passion for helping trade professionals grow their businesses and their people.

Ken Midgett serves as the Plumbing Market Director at Interplay Learning. He has been in the plumbing and heating industry for over 40 years and has worked in every facet of the industry.

Dan and Ken talk to Eric about training faster, and what the future of training will be. Eric brings up the advantages and disadvantages of using VR to train. Dan and Ken note that if you’re not training, you’re falling behind.

Want a better way to train your techs? Learn more about Interplay Learning here

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