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Episode #161

Fit in Or Stand Out with Dan Antonelli

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Guest: Dan Antonelli
Company: KickCharge

On this episode, we are joined by none other than Dan Antonelli, President and Creative Director of KickCharge.

We are huge fans of Dan and his awesome work! Dan covers a lot of ground in this episode, including brand development, tag lines, brochures, and even billboards.

Dan breaks down KickCharge’s goal, which essentially is to control first impressions and perceptions before you even pick up the phone to call.

Dan talks to Eric about the importance of having an attention-grabbing brand, as well as some tips and tricks of things to avoid when naming and re-branding your business.

1. Avoid using initials and your last name–the ultimate goal is to appeal to your correct demographic.

2. Always prioritize brand culture and recruitment when branding or re-branding.

Thanks for joining us, Dan!

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