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Episode #157

Virtual Reception: Meet Jill’s Office

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Guest: Michelle Jeppesen
Company: Jill’s Office

On this episode, we are joined by Michelle Jeppesen, Director of Business Development for Jill’s Office.

Jill’s Office is a virtual reception company that services the HVAC Industry. Jill’s Office allows none of your calls to fall through the cracks, and the Jill’s Office team is available 24/7 and 100% US based.

Jill’s Office is a customizable service. They can answer all your calls, or just follow-up on older leads. They also specialize in satisfaction calls and referrals.

Michelle talks about her outlook in the HVAC Industry, the importance of creating connections with the person on the other end of the phone, and how to train based on tone and customer personality.

Eric asks Michelle what the ideal call looks and sounds like, how to onboard a new receptionist, and the importance of building the value in the solution that you as the tech, are going to provide to the customer.

Check out Jill’s Office here

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