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Episode #93

How to Stay Busy During Shoulder Season

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Guest: Amanda Woodley
Company: Schedule Engine

On this episode, we are joined Amanda Woodley from Schedule Engine.

Eric and Amanda discuss strategy when it comes to those slower months.

Some of Amanda’s tips for shoulder season are:

  • being available after hours
  • connecting with peers/attending conferences
  • expand marketing and online listings
  • evaluating different parts of your business

The key is making sure your business is ready for busy season.

Amanda discusses the possibility of evaluating any technology that could either generate new business or make your business run more efficiently.

Make sure your business is able to run effectively and efficiently when the shoulder season ends.

About Schedule Engine

Schedule Engine streamlines your booking process and allows you to capture every opportunity while providing a consistent customer experience that’s true to your brand. With Schedule Engine’s booking solutions, home service professionals can provide a convenient and reliable customer experience to book more jobs while optimizing efficiency for dispatchers and technicians. From automated online scheduling to 24/7 live expert support with industry-trained professionals, Schedule Engine ensures a personalized experience for both the contractor and customer. Designed to complement your existing systems, Schedule Engine can be started quickly without any internal training or process changes. For more information, visit

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