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Episode #87

Utilizing Social Media to Grow Your Service Business

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Guest: Brent and Leslie Harpole
Company: Champion Plumbing

On this episode, we are joined by Brent and Leslie Harpole of Champion Plumbing

The social media content of Champion Plumbing stood out to us so we wanted to chat with the Harpole’s and understand how they grew their social media and where their ideas come from.

Social media is platform that is always changing. With this change, however; it should also always be growing and evolving!

We discuss social media, how the Harpole’s got their business where it is today and we also discuss Cracker Barrel of all things! Stay listening.

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Eric: Welcome back to the smart HVAC Marketing podcast. However, today I think we’re going to call it the smart plumbing marketing podcast because we’ve got of the plumbing company joining us today, which I’m super excited about. My name’s Eric Thomas. I’m the host of the show. We are live from the Rival digital podcast recording studios, AKA my office. For those of you who are listening on Apple podcasts, I’m going to go ahead and ask again, please leave us a review. We would appreciate it. Thanks. And hope everybody, if you’re listening to this in the future, which is probably your present, I hope that you had an outstanding Thanksgiving, a great Black Friday and you stayed safe out there with all the madness and the deals going on. Today we are joined by Leslie and Brent Harpole from champion plumbing. How are y’all doing?


Leslie: Good.


Brent: Good.


Eric: I had to fight the urge to not say the way that you told me.


Leslie: Nobody should say it that way


Brent: It works, doesn’t it?


Eric: It does. Yeah. It’s like a little inside thing.


Leslie: Not hard car branding strategy


Eric: Could be not today.


Leslie: Not today.


Eric: Well, we’ve got a very exciting episode ahead of us. We are chatting with a power couple who do a phenomenal job with their social media. And this is something that we’ve recently kind of tapped into, which is like the whole like reels thing on Instagram. And I’ve noticed that they do an awesome job with their reels. So I wanted to get them on here to talk about some social media strategy. Talk about plumbing, marketing, talking about all the good things. So I’m not going to sit here and take up too much of the airway. I’m going to let you all kind of introduce yourselves for our listeners. So Leslie, Brent, why don’t you all go ahead and introduce yourselves. I’ll let you decide which order goes first.


Brent: Hi my name is Brent Harpole. Co-Owner of Champion Plumbing


Leslie: And I am Leslie Harpole co-owner of Champion Plumbing In Oklahoma City.


Eric: So tell me tell me Y’s story from start to now. You got started with the company how long ago, and what’s the history of the company?


Brent: Well, I won’t go too far back.


Leslie: Go all the way back, babe.


Brent: We started like every plumber or every HVAC guy out there who’s working for somebody think I had this thought that I could do it better, that I could do it smarter, that I could go out and change the world.


Leslie: Jokes on us.


Brent: Now we’ve learned quite a bit since then and are doing quite well now, but we started in 2015. We were basically new to construction only. That was kind of my upbringing. Didn’t really want much to do with service. It’s kind of the way it works in the world.


Leslie: He used to come home and make fun of the service guys in the [03:48 inaudible] house. Yeah. He would just say, I would never do service, never in a million years would I do service.


Brent: But we got hooked up with some coaching. We figured out you know, they used to say, you’re digging in a gold mine, but you’re digging in the wrong hole. And we flipped the script. In 2019 we went 100% service. I kind of came to the conclusion that I was great in people’s houses and that people loved me. And it has worked since then. And we just focused on 100% service now. We no longer do new construction. And it really changed the course of our lives.


Leslie: Can I add to that? As the observer of how this all played out at the time [04:37 inaudible] pertinent. We were in the new construction game for several years and we dug ourself into a hole and like really hit rock bottom, which is why we sought out a consultant to help us with our business because we were basically emotionally and financially bankrupt. It’s very hard for a small guy with no capital to make it a new construction and we gave it hell.


And then we rebranded, we came out of the gate in 2019. We ran our first service call in March and it was him. And after that first week, because we were Google guaranteed. We didn’t even know what that meant. We just knew we did it. And that phone started ringing and I kept thinking, why is this phone ringing? And I had a baby on my hip and trying to answer the phone and soon learned, I need to get off these phones, because this is not where my gift lies, but the phone started ringing and it was like at that moment we were like, okay, now we see how you can really do well in residential service. And we cut off and I mean, I’m not recommending this, but we burned bridges with all of our builders at that moment.


Brent: Including close friends at the time.


Leslie: And family, we’re like, we’re not doing your houses anymore.


Brent: Well a new construction truth be told is a really, it’s just not a good business model for the plumbers.


Leslie: Or any trade.


Brent: It’s a good business model for the builders. And it just didn’t work out. So we burned the bridges and kept pushing forward.


Eric: Now, Brent, did you have to go apologize to all of those service people that you would tease in the past, go make amend?


Brent: No.


Leslie: I would love to hear those conversations at the part house. I would love to be part of that. He started growing up and from the start we had, our branding was on point, brand new vans. We sent our guys out, looking like we were a $10 million company when we had nothing.


Brent: The mindset.


Leslie: And it was like in my head when he would tell me about the conversations in the part house, I’m like, I wonder what they think now.


Brent: Well, I can tell you, no, I have not had to because those same guys are asking me for jobs. So it worked out fine.


Eric: Perceptions, reality oftentimes when it comes to branding.


Leslie: 100%


Eric: You could look like a $10 million company, but like you were saying, kinda deficit growing, but in the eyes of the world, you’re the big guy around town.


Leslie: Yeah. They don’t know. When Mrs. Jones calls and he would pull up in their driveway, he had the iPad, the uniform, logo and providing options on every call. We always had software. I really think that was a big part of our success from the beginning is we knew personally we are not going to go out there looking like rookie.


Eric: So what were some of the other challenges that you all kind of overcame when you first went full into service?


Leslie: I would say financial because we were new construction and I’ll just be honest. It put us in bankruptcy, like that’s how bad it got. And so when we finally were able to turn that around we did not have investors. We did not have anyone give us anything. We could not get a loan. We were just scrappy. We knew what it was going to take. We had great guidance, but every single time we had a good week or a good job, I was like, this money is going here for this. And in the beginning it was marketing. It is a hundred percent. We paid for marketing before we could pay for anything. Because if your phone doesn’t ring and you needed to be taking in more calls than you could physically do.


And that’s where I see a lot of like our peers who were in the same boat, they did not want to spend the money on marketing. Because it’s scary. You go from, you had to nickel and dime everything when you’re just starting out. When they’re trying to get out of a truck, it’s very hard to get that bird’s eye view of the business and how it’s all going to play out because a lot of it is just faith and grit. Right.


Eric: Well, and that’s true. I mean, it’s very hard from when you’re owning the business and you’re working in the business out there in the field, you can’t do both effectively. You can’t work in the field effectively or as effective as you should be and run the business. And if you’re doing both, I mean they both fall short of what you’re capable of if you’re doing both.


Leslie: So one of the biggest pivotal moments for us is getting him out of the truck and we had two guys besides him. The second guy placed him. When we got two more texts, it was like, you’re not going back in that truck. I don’t care if we’re turning away calls, you are not going back in that truck. And if that doesn’t happen by this date, we’re shutting this whole thing down.


Brent: She gave me a date and said, we’re doing it whether we’re ready or not. But I think that just goes back to, we always had the mentality of a big company from the beginning and that’s why it grew so quickly.


Eric: Yeah. Now did you guys, did you get to that point before the date, the cutoff date?


Brent: That date came and I got out of a truck and I have not been in back in one since.


Leslie: And it wasn’t easy. I don’t want to act like nothing has ever come easy for us. So nothing has come easy for us, but when he made, he was ready to come out of that truck. His body was worn out and he was ready and that was game on for us because at that moment, it’s just putting guys in vans and teaching. I mean, we have the training and a process for everything. But when he got out of the truck, something clipped, that was always the goal.


Brent: I traded in a piper inch for a laptop.


Leslie: And it was hard. He didn’t for a long time. He didn’t know what to do with himself. It was hard. It’s very hard for these guys to get out of a truck, even though they talk about that being, it was the same way for our service manager, who he’s another master plumber when he got out of the truck, it’s almost like part of their identity is taken away. And they go from blue collar to white collar, running a business.


Eric: So what were some of the challenges you faced, Brent, when you got outta the truck and into the office more?


Brent: Well, that’s pretty easy. I’m not great on a computer. I’m better now. I’m still not great at typing. I’m still a pecker. And I probably always will be, because I’m not going to go take a typing class now. But the truth is managing all of the different kind of attitudes and different personalities is one big thing. Another thing is downtime. I mean when you’re out in the field, it’s constant work, but when you finish one, it’s moved right next to the next thing. And in running the business, you’re waiting on other people, you’re waiting on things. I need this to get this done and so your time management. I felt bored in the office a lot. I felt like my, my hands were idile and I didn’t have anything to do. And so that was a real real struggle for me in the beginning.


Eric: Yeah. I think that’s the moment when a lot of business owners pick up golfing. So I know a challenge that a lot of folks face when they decide I’m getting out of the truck is, you’re putting, you the fate of your company in the hands of your technicians or your plumbers. What was that experience like when you took your guys and said, alright, you guys are full time now expected to go do every job as I would do.


Brent: Well that’s a real struggle because I mean even today, sometimes you get the feeling of, if it’s going to get done right. I have to go do it myself. So just letting go of the control and trusting in other people to go out there. And that’s really just about teaching them what you want done and how you would want it done.


Leslie: And empowering them with giving them the right training expectations and processes.


Brent: And truth be told that’s still one of the hardest parts of owning a business is finding the right people. And people that you can trust and people that are hungry and people that want to do this because they love it. I mean that’s the hardest part for not just plumbing or HVAC, but a lot of businesses around the country. I mean the most difficult thing is finding the right people and people that want to stay and people that will want to put their heart into it.


Eric: Yeah. So how do you go about like setting expectations with plumbers when they first get started with the company?


Brent: Well, it’s fairly simple.


Leslie: Letting them know what their expectations are.


Brent: Yeah. I mean, we’ve got the processes in place and they get to hear me talk on a weekly basis. Just reminding them of all of the daily things that I expect. And me kind of portraying that this not only has to do with your paycheck. But it’s the company name. I mean, we’re looking to put out there, not just good plumbing, but exceptional customer service and teaching these guys, whether you get tech A or tech F, it doesn’t matter because each one of those guys is going to show up and they’re going to look the same and they’re going to do the job the same. And it’s a repetitive thing. When it’s done correctly, all of this works like a well oil machine.


Leslie: And we really, I will add to that. It’s really important to us as owners to take care of our guys and we want our guys to make money.


Brent: I want them to be the highest paid.



Leslie: Empower them to set up long term wealth for their families. And we’re constantly looking at different ways to spiff them or reward them. And so there’s just always that balance as the owner and trying to figure out how can we empower them and monitor their behavior, I guess.


Brent: Right. It’s a constant give and take. It really is.


Eric: Yeah. So when it comes to being able to offer that type of future, you have to make sure that you have a study flow of jobs. You have to make sure that you’re picking the right jobs for them to go to. So they’re not filling up their schedule full of small ticket items, but giving them the best available jobs to go to that produce revenue for you and so that you can pay them better. And part of that comes back to marketing. Like we were saying at the beginning, it’s kind of an unknown thing that you all went into. Head first 110% into marketing. So what are some of the things that you all have done in marketing that have just been overwhelmingly successful?


Leslie: So right out the gate, Google guarantee, we built our business on that, like in our first year, it’s a super successful here. Part of our culture though, is our guys have to ask for a review. That happens automatically and seamlessly. So we’re constantly getting consistent reviews. So beginning it was Google guaranteed then later on I think I have a lot of opinions about this, but we had the calls right away with Google guarantee that allowed us to invest in SEO. And then after we had some time. I really immersed myself in all things marketing the very first year because we didn’t have any money and you get a lot of people in your DMs and calling you, trying to get your business and you don’t really know any different.


So I had to really research what was going to work for us and not what was going to work for someone in a different market who had been in this for a while. So what we did and I stand by this, is we were able to get calls right away with Google guarantee a couple years ago, which allowed us the cash flow to after that start looking at long term strategy. And so back to Instagram and TikTok, that is something we just started doing end of year, last year. And I will say, it would’ve been great to find a marketing company that all of these niches, but they can’t. And so we have someone who handles our GMB. We have someone else that handles our LSA. Now we’re doing a little bit of PPC. And then I have a social media strategist.


She has not affiliated with home services. I found her through a friend and she just kills it for us on TikTok and Instagram and how we use that is not for demand elites. It’s not like a call to action. It is building trust. It’s long term branding. And that’s one of the ways we use and we also have PR .We have a PR company and those two kind of work together for our long term. Besides giving exceptional customer service and the community and referrals and all that, I’m saying we hired someone who, that is her niche and she kills it. I mean, it is crazy since we started doing TikTok. I don’t know if you’re on TikTok. I did not know. I didn’t know anything about TikTok until a year ago.


And it’s been around for a while and my niece gives me a hard time, but Jen, our social media strategist, she’ll go, Hey, I need you to do this, this, and this. We’ll do it and we don’t do it that great. And most of the time it’s me making him do something. And it’s just funny, the type of like ripple effect we get with that, even in the houses, it’s like people have spoken about it while we’re in the home or other people in the community, other business owners. So that has been very successful, but that has just been us finding the right person who is really smart in that area. Because that’s not us.


Brent: Well it’s just another avenue that now and like she said, in the beginning you’re looking for your phone to ring now. We’re just now finally getting to the point where we’re looking at long term longevity, all of those things. And so this is something that’s come up, like she said in the last year and it’s been fun doing it.


Leslie: And you know what’s so funny. I don’t know if you’re in any of the groups on Facebook. It’s probably better that you’re not, it’s a lot of noise, but every once in a while there will be someone in there go, what about TikTok, row of bros will say, oh, they can’t afford me if they’re on TikTok and in my head, I’m like, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. I bought 10 things off TikTok in the last week. None of them were cheap. And if you’re not where the eyes are and statistics shows how up and coming TikTok is, you’re painting yourself into a corner.


Brent: Well, we just don’t live in the world of phone books anymore.


Leslie: Right. And people tend to look at Google as a phone book and it’s certainly an important part of what we have done and it has allowed us to do other things, but I really feel like digital marketing companies have dropped the ball. If you are not on TikTok and start looking at how people are buying and what they’re seeing. I mean, that’s like, oh, I mean, if I’m Eric Thomas I am going to immerse myself in TikTok and learn that because it’s the next thing.


Eric: Noted. So I have TikTok, I just watched them. I’ve been making reels though. We have someone that comes to our office kind of like what you’re saying. Like he comes to our office like on Fridays. And he just has a list of stuff and he’s just like, we’ll just be sitting here working and he’ll just be like, yo, Eric, come on, you got to come do this real quick. And I’ll like, sit on a couch and like do something funny and then get back to it.


Leslie: But they work together also with the YouTube shorts. I don’t know what it is in the universe, but all three of those work together. And you can repurpose those on both of those channels.


Eric: Yeah. I posted my first reel on my personal Instagram the other day and it got 3,600 views in the first hour. And all I was doing is I was like, Hey, if you’re starting a business, here’s the first three things you need to worry about for your like online presence. It wasn’t like I was on there dancing or doing anything crazy. I literally just pressed record and said, Hey, do you want to do this, this and this? And you got it. And then people were going crazy on it.


Leslie: Well, and it’s weird because sometimes Jen will be like, have you seen how many views we’ve gotten on that reel? And it’ll just be something so random and we didn’t even try that hard. We have one of our service manager and it was taken several months ago and it hit over 300,000 views two weeks ago. And for no reason, it’s like you can’t measure it with common sense. Why did this one do so well? But I think people just turn a blind eye to it and probably because it is overwhelming. Reels, Instagram, even Facebook, how they’re using Facebook and definitely when you throw in like TikTok and all that, it is overwhelming as a business owner and then it’s a full time job. But I really believe like in the past year, that’s the best money we’ve spent toward our branding than anything else because just from feedback we’re getting in our own community about it.


Eric: So what kind of content on TikTok and reels have you guys used that was just really well received?


Brent: Well, I think the educational ones are always do really well. Of course you got Timmy the toilet [24:10 inaudible].


Leslie: Tim is funny. And then, the trends. I mean, there’s always the trends that come around and they’re only good for a few days. Each trend comes and it’s only around for a few days and then it’s the next trend. But the trendy ones I think always do fairly well.


Leslie: And if someone asks a question in the, I don’t know what this is called, if someone asks a question in the comments and we video reply to that, she’ll send us stuff and go, Hey, will you do a video on this? Those seem to do really well.


Brent: Which goes back to the educational.


Eric: Yeah. Ken Haley agrees. He said your TikTok page is cool.


Leslie: People talk about it and I cannot, and I will not take credit for our TikTok or our Instagram. It is our strategist. We’re blessed by her. And she takes it very seriously. If I’m being honest, she probably hates us because she’ll send me something and I’ll ignore it. And she’ll ask me five times and then I’ll say, okay, because it’s constant. I mean, you have to be flexible and willing to do some of this stuff because it’s very important. Part of our branding is we’re branding. We’re locals to the community. So you do see our faces. Now, everyone may not want to do that, but you have to get yourself out of your comfort zone. And at first it was really awkward and uncomfortable and now we just don’t really care. If you’re on TikTok people are crazy on there.


Brent: There’s a you out there that I would like to complete.


Leslie: But we just like don’t care what anyone thinks because the reward is greater. Okay Lindsay, she’s my friend.


Eric: We have the ability to share a screen on here. I’d love to watch some of these.


Leslie: Oh my God. You did not tell us you were going to do this, Eric.


Eric: Like I said, there’s really no script here. We kind of just do it.


Leslie: We’re getting punked right now.


Eric: No not quite like the time we punked Claire from company Cam, which I’m still.


Leslie: What happened?


Eric: So we reached out to some of her employees or some of her coworkers and like had them prepare some funny questions to like ask her. We’re going to play video. Which one do you guys think is like the best that you’ve done so far?


Leslie: Play the truck one that serve. I love that. Transition on that was so good.


Eric: Interesting. I love it.


Leslie: That was part of our [27:22 inaudible] from yellow doc creative. And we had them come because now we’re on commercials and stuff and they’re phenomenal. Yellow doc is phenomenal. She went in and created that off of that footage. If you know anything about TikTok, that transition was so smooth. It was so good.


Eric: I probably could not figure out to do that. That’s why I need [27:48 inaudible]. I get ads on TikTok for TikTok transition apps that you can download and it’ll do the transitions for you. So yeah, I really liked Timmy the toilet, whose idea was that?


Leslie: Jen. It’s so funny and ridiculous.


Eric: But that’s the thing, there’s got to be like a persona. A lot of contractors out there will have like a mascot, like when had Martin’s heating and air conditioning on here and there’s just like an alien.


Leslie: I love that.


Eric: Because they’re out of this world and it was all like Marson themed and there’s just tons of people out there who have mascots and they’re all really cool. And it’s cool to have a brand personality.


Leslie: It’s so funny because one of our friends on TikTok on his birthday, he asked Timmy if he could get a shout out for his birthday the next day and she gave him a shot. Did you see that?


Brent: I did. Yeah.


Eric: Has Tammy done like any duets with people?


Leslie: No, but she should, I’ll put that request in.


Eric: That’d be a good one. Sometimes you come across someone like obviously if they posted something on TikTok or reels or something that like, they were just like being stupid and they were just like pouring something down the drain or like flushing something and then like Timmy could like do that.


Leslie: I love that. I’m going to let Jen know. We’ve got to request for Timmy to do a duet.



Eric: There’s a guy I follow on TikTok. It’s Clint from IT. And it’s like his entire TikTok personality is like being an IT guy. And he’s like always dueting people who are like, just doing crazy stuff on the internet. And he’s just bashing them for breaking the IT rules.


Leslie: Well, I know Jen is really good about following clean talk. I don’t know if you’re on clean talk, it’s about cleaning your house and they’re always recommending these crazy hacks for like your toilet and or disposal. And she’ll text me and she’ll be like, can we flush this? And I’m always telling her, no. I mean, you can, but it’s going to cause you problems. And so she will go in and I can think of one time she, I don’t know if it was a duet though, that she was like, don’t do this, don’t do this. We’re always just telling you, well, don’t do this. Stop flushing your wipes. I’d let someone get really crappy with me on a YouTube video of me telling them not to flush wipes. Calling me names.


Eric: I mean, why does it say flushable wipes on them, if you can’t. I mean, you’re not supposed to flush, but why is it say flushable wipes?


Brent: Well, it’s because it’s a marketing tactic for the wipes. That’s all it is. Yeah.


Leslie: Don’t do it though.


Eric: Don’t flush your wipes folks. Isn’t that like a to trend or like, don’t do it. I’m going to do it or something like that. I’m hip too, I’m watching sometimes. So other than the TikTok and the Google guaranteed and the some of the other stuff you’re doing, what has helped with building the brand over the past few years?


Leslie: Definitely our logo and the wrap trucks, the wrap vans.


Brent: So like a billboard going down to Iowa.


Leslie: And I’ll put that logo on anything. I’m like, can I put that on the shirt I like, can I send it to people? We really try to do things in the home. We give out dog treats that have a champion logo and our techs love that, customers love that. We do follow up email marketing. Where we come from is really like first and foremost is like educating the customers. We’re not broke fix. So we always provide options and educate the customer. And I think that really helps build trust within our community.


Brent: And now we’re running commercials. I’ve been getting a lot of messages about seeing my commercials on TV. We’ve got billboards. I think it’s just trying to put our face and our logo out there on as many things as we can. So it’s that repetition. So when something does go wrong, they remember that logo, they remember that name and we get a phone call.


Leslie: Well, and I think just trying to like dumb my way through this. We’re active in our community in that if you go to our website, we support several ministries every month and that’s who we are. I mean, first and foremost, as a couple and who we are and what we believe is we’re givers. And we give back portion of all of our proceeds every month, go back to the community in the form of these ministries that we support. And I think a lot of people know that we’re trying to do better about making, like our PR company is really working with us on talking more about that. That’s a hard thing to talk about. But I think just when you give and that’s your attitude of abundance, I just think that’s what’s worked out for us. I really don’t know how else like to put that.


Brent: That was pretty good.


Leslie: I believe doing that from the beginning and making sure our hearts were pointed in the right direction of why we were doing this business. It has kept us in the right direction. And we’ve been blessed by that. Because honestly, I say this, and I think it’s crazy when we were Google guaranteed and we were a one man show, we were in the top three of every, I would drive around and get in the perimeter so I could search plumber near me and we’d be one or two. And there’s no reason that that should have happened because we had five Google reviews. And we were competing against people who had been in this market longer and had brand awareness. And I just believe it’s the attitude of abundance.


Eric: Well, we definitely are in the season of giving with the holidays here. And speaking of Thanksgiving, we have one last little segment that we do at the end little, this or that. We’re going to do Thanksgiving edition because Thanksgiving is tomorrow. If you’re listening to this in the future, I hope you’re over your food combo by now. We’re going to do a little, this or that. And so how this works is I’ll ask you guys a series of some stuff and you tell me which one you preferred. So we’re, we’re going to start easy. Thanksgiving edition. Everyone knows the rules. First one up Turkey or ham.


Leslie and Brent: Turkey.


Eric: Yeah. I like ham on rolls.


Brent: I mean, I like them both and I would eat both. I would eat both, but if I only get one, I think Turkey as submitted itself as a tradition.


Eric: Oh yeah. Alright. Hash brown casserole or green bean casserole.


Leslie and Brent: Hash brown casserole.


Eric: Oh yeah. I’m with you there. The hash brown caserole from cracker barrel.


Leslie: We only order cracker barrel. We don’t cook anymore. We get to whole [35:43 inaudible].


Eric: Okay. Sophia, when you’re listening to this in the future and you’re editing this, I was literally telling Sophia this morning about Thanksgiving when I was a kid at my dad, we used to always get a cracker barrel and like get our food from cracker barrel.


Leslie: I’m going to pick it up in a couple hours. They’re going to put it my trunk tomorrow.


Brent: And it’s so easy and they make it easy. They give you the instructions. You put it in the oven and you’re done. No dishes.


Eric: Oh yeah. Hash brown casserole from cracker barrel is something else. Alright. Next one. Stuffing or mashed potatoes.


Brent and Leslie: Stuffing.


Brent: This is difficult because I like all of these things.


Eric: I like all of it.


Brent: But stuffing, that’s another one that’s cemented itself as a staple.


Leslie: Yeah. Stuffing. Dressing. Is it stuffing or dressing though Eric?


Eric: I go stuffing.


Leslie: We’ll have to ask cracker barrel what they, was this cooked inside of the bird?


Eric: Green beans or corn?


Brent and Leslie: Green beans. We’re so in tune with each other.


Brent: You know corn has no nutritional value.


Eric: Are y’all a couple or something.


Leslie: I’m really cemented in our relationship.


Brent: You know, if we can just take this way off track, I’m a plumber. So I’ve seen [37:01 inaudible].


Leslie: Stop it. Nobody wants to hear about that.


Eric: All right. A few more. Actually we got one more here with rolls, Hawaiian rolls or the like the yeast rolls.


Leslie: Hawaiian.


Brent: Yeah, definitely the sweet Hawaiians.


Eric: I love sweet Hawaiians. I already know I’m going to eat too many of those tomorrow. So probably four at least. Alright. Moving on to desserts. Looking at the pies, apple pie, pumpkin pie, or pecan pie. This is a three-way one.


Leslie and Brent: Apple.


Eric: I promise folks. If you’re listening to this, I did not prompt him on this. They did not know this was coming.


Leslie: We’re going to fight right after this.


Eric: All right. That was our last one for this or that. So that is kind of carrying us towards the end of this episode. Leslie and Brent, thank you all so much for joining me today.


Leslie: Thanks for having us.


Eric: Yeah, absolutely. And what’s a good way for any of our listeners out there to hit y’all up and learn more or to check out your reels?


Leslie: You can follow us on Instagram. It’s called the champs. I think TikTok is champion plumbing and our website is Call The Champs.


Eric: That is all for this episode. Again thank you all for joining me. I hope you have a great rest of your day and an awesome Thanksgiving.


Leslie: You too. Thanks


Brent: Happy Holidays. Thanks.’


Eric: Bye.


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